Enjoy the safety, tranquility and privacy of Can Terangas’ rooms, which overlook the inner courtyard: all our rooms have a private bathroom and Wi-Fi. For more information and photos of the hotel rooms click here.


The multipurpose room with a capacity of up to 50 people, air conditioned and with wifi, is available on demand for meetings and parties. Can Teranga itself also organizes several activities amongst which concerts and parties. For more information about our activities click here.


Included for guests of the residence.

Continental buffet with typical Casamance produce: home-made jams of local fruits (mango, papaya, mandarine or orange), typical drinks such as bissap, bouye (juice of the fruit of the baobab), ginger, etc.

  • Dish of the day: Yassa (rice with chicken or fish), Tiéboudienne (rice with vegetables and fish), Mafe (peanut sauce with rice and meat) and other Senegalese specialities,
  • Menu: salads, various dishes based on fish, shrimp, chicken or meat, couscous, mediterranean cuisine, burgers, shawarma,
  • Picnic package service for excursion days,
  • Typical fresh fish weekend barbecue.